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Bioderma Skincare

Relative to the rest of the French Skincare market, Bioderma is a relative newcomer compared to the older brands such as La Roche Posay and Vichy which go back a lot further than the 1970's.

Yet it has taken the world by storm and is now available on 5 continents, through its innovation, quality and packaging.

The Bioderma Innovation

In the highly competitive French skincare market, it can be dificult for one laboratory to stand out from the pack. Bioderma managed to do this by introducting one singular product - their H2O line of cleansers. This has been imitated but not equalled in popularity by most of the other major laboratories

The Bioderma Paradox

The popularity of Bioderma and online shopping has spawned some issues. The product has become an obvious target for counterfeiters. In particular, the H2O products are easy to imitate. In addition, unscruplous vendors can hide behind aggegators like Amazon, Ebay and Walmart to sell their illicit wares. These sites have no way to check whether the products being offered on their sites by their disparate 'partners' are genuine or not.

Quality and Freshness of Bioderma

Even though Bioderma markets its products differently for various markets - its Crealine products are sold in France and Belguim, while its Sensibio line is sold in English speaking markets and the Far East- all Bioderma is manufactured in France.

French cosmetics in particular rest their reputations on the freshness of their products. Hence most products, in particular the creams and lotions, have expiration dates stamped or indented on their boxes. The savvy consumer checks these dates diligently for evidence of product freshness

Note the contradiction: In the United States there are many vendors on Amazon, Ebay and Walmart that offer quick shipping on Bioderma. Knowing that the products are made in France and taking account of the time it must take for shipments to arrive from France, how can one be sure that any products they receive quickly are genuine and fresh?

The answer of course is one cannot. If one is fortunate enough to purchase a genuine product from a good-faith supplier, and in addition one is lucky emough to purchase a product that is part of a shipment just recently arrived in the United States, then there is no problem. Otherwise the product is either fake or stale.

Certainly the two elements - fast delivery and product freshness- are at odds with each other.

Where to purchase Bioderma?

Becuase of all the factors noted above, the answer is to find a reputable supplier that gets all its Bioderma from France, as it receives orders for them. Only in that way can one be assured that the products are both genuine and fresh.

Because such a supplier is not buying in bulk, it can afford to have products shipped from France via Air Mail and is therefore able to get the products in the hands of its customers fairly quickly. But this requires an emphasis on quality and not speed, and potential customers have to decide whether they prefer speed or quality.

At FrenchCosmeticsForLess, we prefer to offer quality. All our products come directly from Bioderma suppliers in France. These are the exact same products that are sold in parapharmacies in France - not others produced for other countries with possible varying ingredients.

Our market research indicates that no other supplier of Bioderma in the United States shares our philosophy - fresh versus speed. We prefer the assurance of knowing that our customers are getting the freshest products possible.

Bioderma ABCDerm Wipes-2 x 60 Wipes

Now $20.95
Bioderma Sebium Anti-Shine Cream (Mat) 40ml

Now $22.50
Bioderma Sebium H2O Micellar Solution -250ml

Now $18.50
Bioderma Crealine T.S. H2O Micellar Solution 250ml

Now $16.50
Bioderma Crealine H2O Micellar Solution -500ml

Now $24.50
Bioderma Atoderm Gentle Shower Gel 1litre

Now $27.50
Bioderma Node K Shampoo-150ml

Now $22.95
Bioderma ABCDerm Gentle Shampoo-200ml

Now $16.95
Bioderma Photoderm AKN SPF30 Matifying Fluid-40ml

Now $21.50
Bioderma Photoderm Aqua Fluid Dry Touch SPF 50-40ml

Now $26.50
Bioderma Photoderm SPF50 Aquafluid Tinted Doree -40ml

Now $26.50
Bioderma ABCDerm Cold Cream Cleansing Cream-1 Litre

Now $33.95

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