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You can find a full range of Galenic products at our Online Store. Click HERE All Galenic

Galenic is derived from the Dermo-Pharmacy. This alliance of dermatology and pharmaceutical science gives Galenic its expertise in cosmetology and its capacity to explore all area of the beauty zone.Inspired by life itself Galenic uses powerful natural agents imbued with vital forces, towards scientifically-proven effictiveness. It delivers that active energy to the skin cells, allowing the skin to make good use of its own natural resources.

With Galenic, beauty is demanding and pleasurable; innovative textures in perfect affinity with the skin, subtle aromas,for skin care formulated by the most recent scientific advances. Thanks to its focused research and sophisticated technologies, Galenic innovates constantly, so that each woman, each day can see her beauty become more transformed.

The aim of the Galenic Laboratories is to offer women the power of natural active agents, the source of beautification, at the heart of its formulae, mixing pleasure with effictiveness.

Argan oil, the principal active of the fruit of the argan tree vividly illustrates this philosophy of beauty. By its regenerative and revitalizing properties, and consequently its anti-aging effects, principles of life for skin cells, oil of argan is a source of beauty for the skin.

Pioneers in the use of argan oil in cosmetics, and based on 25 year of experience with this agent, the laboratories of Galenic have re-introduced the Argane line of cosmetics, which becomes the premier line of anti-aging, nutri-regenerants, derived from oil of argan, with two new products: Precious Oil, highly concentrated with oil of argan, and Double Tensing Care Delta 7 for normal to dry skins, and for very dry skins, for daily remodeling care.

Precious Oil

It is really a nutritive elixir, regenerating and revitalizing. This is the striking product of the line. It concentrates all the beneficial effects of oil of argan and offers a surprising sensory pleasure. Its delicate texture, thin and smooth, with the color of honey, melts on the skin, soothing and revitalizing normal to dry skins. A few drops are enough to instantly relieve the skin, which regains an immediate and lasting level of comfort. Thus regenerated, it becomes supple and silky to the touch, with a glowing and smooth look.

Directions for Use:

Mornings and/or evenings: pour 4-6 drops of Precious Oil in the palm and spread on the face and neck. In conjunction with the use of other Argane products, it reinforces their nutritive and regenerative action. Consequently it can be used alone or under the other products in the line, daily or for a regimen lasting 3 weeks. To promote the full sensation of well-being, and to make this moment of care an experience for the skin, Precious Oil can be part of a certain ritual:

Start with the neck Apply the Precious Oil delicately sliding from the neck to the base of the chin.

Then go up again always using the flat of the hands, by speading in circles from the chin to the temples.

Follow this by going from the bottom of the nose to the temples following the curves of the cheeks.

Finish with the forehead, by sliding delicately, alternating with the flat of each hand, from the eyebrow line to the roots of the hair.

The Complete Line of Galenic Argane Products

For a nutritive, regenerating and revitalizing effect

Precious Oil

Nutri-Active Emulsion

Nutri-Active Cream

Nutri-Active Night Care

Nutri-Intensive Mask

A Note About Argan Oil

Argan oil comes from the nut of the Argan tree (Argania spinosa).

This tree is unknown for many people since it grows only in the South Western part of Morocco in an area covering 700,000-800,000 hectares. The argan tree produces nuts from which is extracted a very nutritious oil.

The remaining is used to feed the cattle and nuts shells for heating. Nothing is lost.

For centuries, Berber women of this region have produced argan oil which was used for their consumption and traditional Moroccan medicine. People abroad are more and more interested in this oil either for its cosmetic and nutritional properties.

A Threatened Tree

The argan tree is a very resistant tree which can live from 150 to 200 years. It is perfectly adapted to the aridity of the South Western regions of Morocco. Its roots grow deep in search of water and thus help retain the soil, preventing erosion and limiting the advance of the desert.

Argan tree plays a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance and the economic situation of the population. In 1999, UNESCO added the argan tree to the World Heritage List. In less than a century, more than a third of the argan forest has disappeared

You can find a full range of Galenic products at our Online Store. Click HERE All Galenic

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