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Bioderma Matricium-30 doses
Product ID 110148
Bioderma Matricium-30 doses
MATRICIUM is an unique100% biomimetic formula with elements naturally present in the skin. It recreated the ideal cellular environment so that the skin finds its own capacities of regeneration Skins weakened by age, tiredness, stress, disorders hormonal aesthetic Post-acts (laser, peeling, dermoabrasions, incisions, burns of 1st degree) complete and optimizes the effectiveness of the interventions
A cure: a dose per day during 30 days,
MATRICIUM, World Patent, is a new concept, 100% Biomimetic, PURE, UNIQUE Formula.
100% Biocompatible, 100% Approvedl by the skin, composed of more than 60 actif ingredients in perfect osmosis with the skin.
Hyaluronic Acid major component of the Extracellular layer, it is one of the key elements in the maintenance of the dermic density, of the firmness of the skin and its hydration. Glucids essential energy source for all the biological processes in particular for cellular and tissue regeneration. Nucleotides: they are at the base of our genetic inheritance, the DNA and prove to be essential for the cellular division. Mineral Salt which act like catalysts of cutaneous biological reactions. They also contribute to osmotic balance and the good hydration of the skin thanks to their capacity to fix water molecules. Vitamins increase factor of multiplication cellular and regenerating action on the level of the skin, Oligoelements co-facteurs of very many enzymes intervening in the chemical reactions of our metabolism. Peptides which induce a relaunching of the cutaneous metabolism thanks to a standard action growth factors.
MATRICIUM est a true tissue regenerator: the skin finds its original fontions. Reloaded of all the resources which are necessary to find its ideal biological functionalities. The Skin is like regenerated from the begining
UNIQUE CONCEPT, MATRICIUM is neither a cosmetic, nor a drug, but a Medical Device. A Intense Treatment which creates the ideal environment for a true tissue regeneration. Its formula 100% Biomimetic defined according to the standards of DermoCosmetic Laboratories and guarantees a complete safety on all levels. MATRICIUM is a dermatological treatment which exists in form of sterile unidoses:
To regenerate and find the radiance 1 unidose the evening during 30 days, on the entirety of the face and the neck. In cure, 4 times per year (with the changes of seasons, before leaving to the sun) In aesthetic post-interventions: 2 unidoses per day, morning or evening, until a complete cutaneous repair


Formule INCI : Hyaluronate de sodium, solution composée par eau, chlorure de sodium, L-alanyl-L-glutamine, D-glucose, L-arginine HCL, sodium acetate, disodium phosphate, L-leucine, L-serine, chlorure de magnésium 6H2O, chlorure de potassium, L-valine, sodium pyruvate, L-lysine HCL, L-histidine HCL H2O, L-cysteine HCL H2O, adenine, L-threonine, myo-inositol, acide L-glutamique, L-asparagine H2O, L-methionine, L-tyrosine sodium 2H2O, L-phenylalanine, L-tryptophane, L-alalnine, glycine, L-isoleucine, acide L-aspartique, sodium sulfate, sulfate ferreux 7H2O, sodium silicate 4H2O, pyrodixine HCL, nicotinamide, riboflavine, D-biotin, sulfate de cuivre 5H2O, ammonium molybdtate 4H2O, ammonium vanadate, chlorure de manganese 4H2O, L-proline, hydroxyproline, acide ascorbique, adenosine, guanine, deoxyribose, ribose, sodium phosphate bibasique bihydraté, peptides du lait, fructo-oligosaccharides, xylitol, rhamnose monohydrate, mannitol, eau PPI, acide lactique à pH physiologique. No preservatives, No fragrance, no coloring, no alcohol

30 doses

Price: $88.95
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