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Mesohyal NCTC-5 x 5ml
Product ID 345929
Mesohyal NCTC-5 x 5ml

Biorevitalization of skins lacking radiance

Prevention of aging
Correction of fine wrinkles
Skin tissue toning
Particularly indicated for the face, neck, décolleté and back of the hands, as well as for the arms, back, thorax, abdomen, peri-umbilical zone, hips and thighs.

mesohyal NCTC 109 is a revitalizing solution that combines a set of vitamins, amino acids, mineral salts and coenzymes. Its wide variety of essential micronutrients helps correct skin tissue deficiencies and promote cell repair phenomena. The balanced formula of mesohyal NCTC 109 stimulates cellular biochemical processes and promotes cellular trophism of connective tissue.

· Vitamins exert a trophic and stimulating function of dermal repair processes and an antioxidant action. They compensate for deficiencies in physiological biofactors of aged skin.

· Amino acids act as physiological elements that stimulate protein synthesis by promoting the regeneration of cutaneous tissue.

· Mineral salts are essential elements of the extracellular fluid composition of the dermal matrix.

· Coenzymes act as physiological substances to stimulate processes that promote the regeneration of cutaneous tissues.

According to the diagnosis of the patient's aesthetics, mesohyal NCTC 109 is the ideal complement for making cocktails with other products in the mesohyal ™ range:

· Mesohyal HYALURONIC: moisturizing and rejuvenating effect of the skin.

· Mesohyal VITAMIN C: with antioxidant effect.

· Mesohyal DMAE: with firming effect.

· Mesohyal ORGANIC SILICON: to regenerate and restructure the skin tissue.

· Mesohyal BIOTIN: to reactivate cellular metabolism.

· Mesohyal CARNITINE: to improve the cutaneous appearance of fibrous cellulite.

· Mesohyal ARTICHOKE: to improve the cutaneous appearance of fat cellulite.

· Mesohyal MELILOT: to improve the cutaneous aspect of oedematous cellulite.

To make cocktails with mesohyal HYALURONIC, first charge this product due to its high viscosity. This will result in a homogeneous mixture.

The duration of the TREATMENT is 20 to 30 minutes, which allows the patient to resume immediately his daily life. The therapeutic protocol depends on the age of the patient and the state of his skin, 5 to 10 sessions spaced for 1 to 2 weeks are necessary.

Even though the mesohyal NCTC 109 restorative and anti-aging action is immediate and lasting, it is important that the patient follows the usual hygienic and dietary rules and that he carries out periodic treatments every 6 months to maintain the effect obtained. on the skin. Depending on the result, this period can be shortened or lengthened. Composition
Biorevitalising cocktail (vitamins, amino acids, mineral salts and coenzymes).
Sodium hyaluronate:
· Biotechnological origin / non cross-linked
· Concentration: 0.025 mg / ml

The products sold on our site are parapharmaceutical products. These products are over-the-counter and do not require prescriptions. These products must be used by a specialist.

5 x 5ml

Price: $315.25
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