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A water enriched by nature

Uriage Thermal Water has been running through the mineral depths of the Alpine massif of Belledone for years, enriching itself with trace elements and mineral salts. It bursts forth at a depth of 80 metres, sheltered from the air and all forms of pollution. Its temperature (27∞C), neutral pH and composition remain constant.

A naturally isotonic water

The word "isotonic" means that Uriage Thermal Water is in perfect osmosis with the skin. It respects the integrity of the skin cells. As well tolerated as a physiological serum, it alters neither the size nor the volume of the cells. Uriage Thermal Water is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and reactive.

An exceptionally active water

Uriage Thermal Water possesses an exceptionally high content of mineral salts and trace elements in comparison with thermal waters used in dermatology (i.e. 11,000 mg/l). These mineral salts and trace elements have an essential biological role that gives it recognized properties with regard to the skin.

2000 years of spring

20 centuries of filtration

Treatment Water filtered and enriched by Nature.

Uniquely isotonic Water with an exceptional concentration in minerals (11 mg/L).

The only moisturising thermal spring Water.

Uriage Thermal Water: Spray and leave on to act!

1823: The thermal Centre is built over ancient Roman baths.

1877: Declare of ìpublic interestî by the French Academy of Medicine.

Today: Thousands of patients for three therapeutic indications (ENT, Rheumatology, Dermatology).

Uriage Thermal Water: the essential active ingredient at the heart of Uriage skincare, at the heart of many patents,

combined with active ingredients of natural origin, or derived from the latest advances in biotechnology.

Dermatological efficacy and cosmetic delight!

Commitment to TOLERANCE

Uriage products are all hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

They are made using a minimum of preservatives, which are carefully selected.

Each active ingredient used in a product is rigorously selected for its recognised tolerance.

Each product is subject to rigorous testing before reaching the market.

Commitment to EFFICACY

Uriage products are developed with dermatologists and pharmacists. The claims on products have been proven by clinical testing or objectivation tests under medical supervision and by our dermatologists.

Commitment to INFORMATION

The products clearly list the ingredients and expiry dates. The Uriage website strives to provide clear and full information on all products. For the visually impaired, product names are written in Braille on the packs. Uriage Dermatological Laboratories have a cosmetic vigilance division.

Commitment to APPEAL

Uriage Dermatological Laboratories attach great importance to the cosmetic pleasure of their products: pleasant and comfortable textures.

A factory at the source

A factory at the source 2001: the Uriage production site is set up at the source.

The spring water is routed to the production unit via a 400-metre stainless steel pipe. Uriage Thermal Water is directly bottled at source, thus conserving all its natural wealth and purity.

Computerisation of processes

Manufacturing processes are managed by ultra sophisticated automated programmes to guarantee perfect results every time. From analysing raw materials to packaging end products, data are managed and stored by a centralised information system, thus making it possible to trace the product back at any time.

Continuous control Continuous control at every step of manufacturing (pharmaceutical standards). The microbiology laboratory, with a clean room and sterile handling areas, scrupulously inspects the microbiological quality of products, the premises and the work environment.

The siteís production capacity is constantly increasing (several million units per year).

You can find a full range of Uriage products at our Online Store. Click HERE All Uriage

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